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Weight: 31 pounds. Tuned input provides excellent load for any rig A Pi-Network tuned input provides a 50 ohm load for your rig. Ameritron AL-811 Ham Radio Linear Amplifier from the active shack of a silent key only tested for power up.

Yaesu FL-2100B Instruction Manual. Ameritron AL-811A AL-811H Fuses 8A 250V 12A 125V. 95 Out of Stock : AL82 : AMERITRON AL82: 1. Ameritron's AL-811 power supply is built tough so you get peak performance year after year.

AMERITRON AL-811 MANUAL PDF. &0183;&32;Ameritron AL-811 10 Meter Mod. Charges for local shipment start at . What I liked the most about the AL-811 included the stout chassis, inexpensive tubes, quiet fan operation (my computer makes more noise), excellent internal construction, and the 12 VDC keying circuit.

” Now you wont have to stand aside while the “big guns” steal. ameritron al owner s manual pdf file. Reprint is from the scanned original. Place the PLATE and Load controls and BAND SWITCH of the amplifier to the specified locations labeled CW PROCEDURE as al811 manual shown on page 7 of the AL-811 (or page 6 for the AL-811H) Instruction manual. . The AL is rated at watts PEP voice, or just over watts al811 manual carrier. Ameritron AL-811 Instruction Manual.

This resource is listed under Radio Equipment/HF Amplifiers/Ameritron AL, at Ameritron AL manual. Heathkit SB-200 Assembly and Instruction Manual. Just as I thought I had everything working, the fan started making noise. If you have not bought it yet you may want to ask if they can do it for you. Even fussy solid state rigs can deliver their full drive to AL-811. &0183;&32;AMERITRON AL-811H Instruction Manual. It operates in class AB2 for SSB and CW.

The Al-811 gives you 600 watts PEP output. Roger, you must be the only person in your area that is willing to tackle ham amplifiers with problems. ” The Load setting, as well as drive level, will control the grid current. The amp is 0-12V negative > going and the rig is 0-4V. The amplifier itself looked good in a utilitarian Ameritron/MFJ sort of way, and opening it up (you'll have to take off the cover to install the four tubes and do the 10-meter mod if you want to do that) revealed no construction faux pas. ALH Amplifier pdf manual download. 811A Tube History and Construction.

Flowery Wrongheadedness's Topmast. I will double box,leave tubes in place and place packing around them. AMERITRON AL-811 AMPLIFIER - 0 (Meridian) For sale is Ameritron AL-811 HF 600 al811 manual watt amplifier. Get 600 watts output PEP SSB and 500 watts output CW.

&0183;&32;The ALH is a grounded grid linear Amplifier developed by Ameritron using low cost A power triodes. AL-811 gives you a powerful punch at a price that's easy on your wallet. Fast Warm Up Time: The 811A tubes take approximately 10 seconds to warm-up. Then they would send you directions. &0183;&32;AMERITRON AL-811 MANUAL PDF. picture of AL-811 amp shown Note, UPS ground delivery is extra charge for this item. AL-811H Accessories and Related Items. Here’s a clip I made so you can have a good look at it.

I zl-811 ship day of receiving payment. AL811 : AMERITRON AL811: 600Watt LINEAR (3) 811A TUBES 110Vac, US 9. Tuned Input Provides Excellent Load For Any Rig. Irregularities in the schematic. I wouldn’t supersize that diode, it is a weak link for a reason as I understand it. , and using appropriate multiplication factors to convert to 4 tube equivalent when required for 2 cases (except for the AL-811 at bottom, 3 tubes, where power supply limitations seem important).

Ameritron al-811 instruction manual ring bound with protective. Ps2 dvd firmware Emulation's Ameritron al-811 repair and test by radio assistance. &0183;&32;Ameritron AL 811.

The Ameritron AL-811A and AL-811H are very reliable HF Amplifiers. Modifying this amplifier for 10/12 meters, this use to require sending a copy of your license to Ameritron. &0183;&32;Ameritron AL-811 Repairs – If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another. It operates in class AB2 for SSB.

Power line voltage jumpers in AL80B mainframe. Ameritron AL manual – related links We thought you might also be interested in these additional web sites, selected from the same category: The shielding of the cable is only grounded at the side of C Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Is the newer version with LED lamp lights. Manuals and User Guides for.

but can’t find a Service Manual download anywhere (a main board layout would be useful). Arcing is a momentary short flashover in one of the transmitter tubes. That could mean the difference between hearing, "You're Q-5 armchair copy" and, "Sorry cant.

&0183;&32;AMERITRON AL-811 MANUAL PDF. 811A tubes offer rugged, reliable operation even on RTTY and SSTV. &0183;&32;Have one to sell? Your One Call Center has partnered with KorTerra to give you the best tools to do your job safely, efficiently, and wisely. Ham Radio Videos. Use this link Ameritron requests. This amplifier is only a few years old and thus has all current updates installed from factory.

In Level 3, users are required to map out their locate notices. An actual printed manual was in the box. I blasted it with canned air and tightened the screws; so far so good. The tubes are inexpensive and still, at the time of this writing, available. Ameritron AL-811 Amplifier – tubes show full output on all bands – tubes have 2 hours on them total – comes with original factory double box set. It would be nice, for example, if the meters were slightly larger.

Add to Cart: Write Review. - What power level is required on the rig to slightly overdrive the Amp enough and obtain a neg voltage on the ALC output on the Amp. Conveniently plug it into your nearest 120 VAC outlet -- no special wiring needed. &0183;&32;AMERITRON AL-811H MANUAL PDF - View and Download AMERITRON ALH instruction manual online. 95 Out of Stock : AL811H : AMERITRON AL811H: 800Watt LINEAR (4) 811A TUBES 110Vac, US ,049. The AL-811H is a grounded grid linear Amplifier developed by Ameritron using low cost 811A power triodes.

Remember that that number is seen accurately only with a steady carrier. I recommend you do that now, especially if it is a new amp. It has not been 115/230 since the 1960’s. My amp, properly loaded and driven to about 775 watts, will run the grid at about 135mA, and the plate current at about 425mA. The Ameritron AL-811H is similar to the AL-811, but with four fully neutralized 811A transmitting tubes for.

The AL- H is sold worldwide and is quite a well-built “budget” amplifierbut by no means easy to repair. Customers who bought this product also purchased. The manual for the AL-811 is very unclear as to exactly what the process is to set the ALC control on the back of the Amp: - What mode should be used on the rig? Even fussy solid state rigs can deliver their full drive to the AL-811. I’ve just been asked to fix an ALH by a local.

Your free KorWeb Ticket Management starts here. This includes the AL572 and AL800 series. A Pi-Network tuned input provides a 50 Ohm load for your rig. AL811 field update; AL811 Input Switch Alignment; AL811 Reliability Mods; AL811 series install TOF and TOF with Grid Protect; AL811H airflow measurements; AL811H Amplifier Myths, Changes, and Information; AL811H and 811 tuning supplement; ALC Exciter Power Overshoot; Allied Knight T-150; Alternator Operation; AM Linear Amplifiers. It has not been 110V and 220V since before WWII.

. There's no compromise on WARC and most MARS bands -- you get 100% rated output. From: Thomas N Park W7EGN: I have operated two of your amplifiers. You get a quiet desktop linear thats so compact itll slide right into your station -- youll hardly know its there. The Ameritron AL-811 power al811 supply is built tough so you get peak performance year after year. Customer Reviews for the AL-811. Posted on Octo. Shop with confidence.

Ameritron Diagrams, Schematics and Service Manuals - download for free! Ameritron AL-811 Variants; 600 W output (3 x 811A tubes) 800 W output (4 x 811A tubes) 800W output (4 x 572B tubes) US 120V: AL-811: AL-811H: AL-811HD: Export 220/240V: AL-811X: AL-811HX: AL-811HDX: Export 220/240V CE certified: AL-811XCE: AL-811HXCE: AL-811HDXCE: Export 120V w/10 Meters: AL-811Y: AL-811HY: AL-811HDY. Power line voltage in the USA is 120 or 240 nominal. DOWNLOAD MANUAL Ameritron Catalog Dealer Listing Videos Hamfest Schedule License Exam Dates(NEW) Email SignUp. Here is a collection of different 811A AMP's typical operation parameters gathered from the web, manuals,.

View and Download AMERITRON ALH instruction manual online. Return to the Product List. I am the original owner, and amp is like new. &0183;&32;AMERITRON AL-811H MANUAL PDF - View and Download AMERITRON ALH instruction manual online. The first 600 watts make the difference The Al-811 gives you 600 watts PEP output — thats nearly 2 full S-units over your barefoot rig. Includes original box, manual, and packaging. View the manual for AL811.

AMERITRON AL-811H MANUAL PDF - View and Download AMERITRON ALH instruction manual online. The first 600 watts make the difference, The Al-811 gives you 600 watts PEP output -- that's nearly 2 full S-units over your barefoot rig. &0183;&32;Service and User Manual – Ameritron ALH – Amplifier — Download free service manuals. That could mean the difference between hearing, “Youre Q-5 armchair copy” and, “Sorry cant copy you, too much QRM. Instruction Manual. Also, I found some mistakes in the manual.

My dislikes were few. This resource is listed under Radio Equipment/HF Amplifiers/Ameritron AL, at Ameritron AL manual resource. Ameritron Al-811 linear amplifier gives you plenty power to bust thru QRM. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. 5kW HF AMPLIFIER TWO 3-500Z TUBES 220Vac. Box dimensions 23" X 21" X 16" Manufacturer's Website Product Website.

But the Chinese made 811A tubes are not very reliable. Including: ameritron adl 2500, ameritron al 80b, ameritron al84man, ameritron al 572, ameritron al 800, ameritron al 800h, ameritron al 811, ameritron al 811h, ameritron als 500m, ameritron arb 700, ameritron arb 702, ameritron arb 702i2, ameritron arb 702i, ameritron atp 100, ameritron atp 102, ameritron atr 30, ameritron. Find great deals on eBay for ameritron 811 and ameritron amplifier. Free shipping applies to customers in the USA and please email for shipping rates elsewhere. 95 Out of Stock : AL811HD : AMERITRON AL811HD: 800Watt LINEAR (4) 572B TUBES, 110Vac, US ,361. I purchased my AL-811 when they first appeared on the al811 manual market and it has performed faultlessly ever since. I own one of each. Once you are familiar with the Portal Level 2, upgrading to Level 3 is a smooth transition, but requires additional training.

The manual says 180mA is the “never-exceed, even very briefly, limit. 7% similar) Feel free to look at my other manuals under items for sale list if there is a manual you are looking that I do not have listed send me message might it.

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